Circles of Support and Change



Our Vision

The Circles of Support and Change Project uses a strengths-based, trauma-informed approach to centre the voices of survivors of gender-based violence in supportive circles that include their chosen families, community members, educators, and service providers. In facilitated circles, survivors and supporters develop and lead initiatives to address gender-based violence, as guided by culturally and community relevant healing, wellness, and advocacy practices.

The Circles of Support and Change Project builds upon learning from the community-led, community-based, Paqtnkek Mi’kmaw Nation model, a model that has been shared with other Indigenous communities. The project draws on local community wisdom to address gender-based violence and foster societal change.

What We Do

Our Circles of Support and Change team works on:

Establishing partnerships and building connections for survivors in our communities to find, access, and navigate formal and informal resources

Strengthening the capacity and resiliency of leaders in our communities to work towards grassroots change

Creating spaces for healing from all forms of trauma in our communities and encouraging all people to create inclusive communities free from violence, prejudice, shame, and oppressions, like racism and sexism

Raising community awareness of gender-based violence, consent, and healthy relationships

Upholding our unique community values while understanding and acting upon the Mi’kmaq sacred teachings of bravery, love, honesty, wisdom, truth, humility, patience, and respect.

Equipping survivors in our communities with skills to guide them in their healing journeys, as well as their supporters with skills to help restore wellness

Supporting self-care practices for survivors in our communities to uplift themselves and to help guide one another

We Believe

Our Circles of Support and Change team believes in creating opportunities for women to heal and regain a collective, community sisterhood. In helping to lower and remove barriers in society that face women everyday, our Circles of Support and Change team supports the change and growth of all our communities.

Our Team

Pictured left to right: Andrea Currie, Danielle Martell, Alicia Clyke, Tonya Pelley, Nancy O’Regan, Michelle Newell, Karla Stevens. 

This project was made possible by our funders: